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Cost of False Ceiling - POP - Gypsum

False Ceiling

What is the False ceiling? It is a secondary ceiling which is built just under the main ceiling It is done to enhance the beauty of the rooms. To perform this false ceiling, POP, PVC, or gypsum material can be used. As the trend changing, wooden and other materials are also available to design a false ceiling.

There are various uses for designing the false ceiling such as:-

  • It reduces the height of the Room
  • It helps to spread more lighting inside the rooms
  • It gives more efficient Air conditioning
  • It is very easy to maintain the room temperature.
  • It enhances the Room beauty
  • A false ceiling can be used in residential apartments, commercial building, and industrial areas as well

Renovation Contractor offers decorative False Ceiling services in Gurgaon, Delhi/NCR, India at the most affordable pricing. With having a vast experience and qualified Team members, we are able to cater according to the requirements of the clients. While installing or arranging for the false ceiling, we do execute the wiring system with great care. Till date, we have successfully delivered various projects for false ceiling related to restaurants, multiplies, homes, offices, hotels, and other commercial establishments. To make it more attractive, LED lights are also inbuilt with carefully. The cost of the false ceiling will entirely depend on the material used, the labor involved, and the size of the area. One may see our work sample to get satisfaction. Hire us now for the False Ceiling Services in Gurgaon, Delhi/ NCR, India.

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