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Bathroom Water Proofing 2018-09-11T12:36:28+00:00
Cost of Bathroom Water Proofing. Water Leakage problem in Bathroom

Bathroom Water Proofing

Some cracks in the walls or slabs may lead to leaking the water in the bathroom. The bathroom is the only place which involves using the water on a regular basis so the chances of water leakage are more. Waterproofing is done on the bathroom flooring before applying floor tiling and the 6 inches walls from the floor. Waterproofing will ensure absorbing the water through the drainage in a safe mode only. To done this, a chemical is applied. Once the waterproofing chemical is applied over the floor, it is left for 2 days atlas to let the floor set thoroughly.

Wishing to take care of all the leak-prone area in the bathroom or toilets!! The leakage areas in the bathroom can be pipe inserts, nahani traps & sanitary wares, sunken portion, splash zone, wall slab junction etc. To perform this activity, high-quality chemical and material are used to have durable results.

People looking to see our work sample can also contact us and our representatives will show them. The costing will depend on the area of the waterproofing size, material and labor involved. Not only the bathroom waterproofing, we can be contacted for the kitchen waterproofing work as well. Hire Renovation Contractor for the Bathroom waterproofing Services in Gurgaon, Delhi/ NCR, India.

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