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Make Your 1BHK Home Look Beautiful at Cost Effective Price

//Make Your 1BHK Home Look Beautiful at Cost Effective Price

Make Your 1BHK Home Look Beautiful at Cost Effective Price

A home becomes sweet home not only with a sweet simple family, but also with beautiful interior. A beautiful décor and amazing interior enhances the look and feel of the house and compels owner to never leave the place. Some of the important civil changes that are necessary for a good interior are Extension of balcony, Removing some wall, and Combining WC & Shower area in to one bathroom.

Apart from these civil changes, there are many more things to play when it comes to home décor such as lights, colors and decorative objects to enhance the look and feel of 1 BHK home.

Here are few crucial factors that decide Look & Feel of your 1 BHK home such as

  • Spaciousness

To have a good interior along with good space, one has to make sure that they use lighter color for floor; ceiling and walls as each are the biggest surfaces that are visible in the room. One can get darker furniture to give a rich and spacious look to the home.

  • Natural Lights & Air

Natural light and air in the house will be a good idea to have a spacious and pretty décor. One must not block the window or balcony by using fancy lamps or fans. As much as the natural light will come inside the room, the better it will look, so be natural.

  • Conflicting Objects

Decorating the house is an art and it is not everyone’s cup of tea. So, it is advised to do not conflict the decorative goods next to electronic goods for example a flower vas next to home theatre or Washing Machine next to Study Table. Make good use of senses for better decoration.

It is believed that there are two parts of the house that are important to function more than how they look like and they are Kitchen and Bathroom. No doubt, there are many of us who likes to have a nice kitchen and Bathroom along with their good functionalities, but when it comes to have a nice look and good functioning and then their functioning is the important aspect.

  • One should have simple and sober kitchen and bathroom in a 1 BHK house keeping in mind the less space.

Other than bathroom and kitchen, there are some more parts in the house whose functioning are also important. To have a nice space, look and feel in 1 BHK house it is important to pay heed on all crucial functionalities such as follows:

  • Simple Storage

Simple storage in 1 BHK house will be quite good as it not only looks nice but it also enables owners to get its cleaning done easily. Cleaning efforts will be almost zero. On the other hand, simple darker color furniture is good for the user.

  • Standard Dimensions

It is must for the owners to get perfect furniture for the house, especially according to the space. Height of your sofa, height of your WC, space between bed & wardrobe, and width of a door are some of the important aspects to be considered while making the purchase of furniture and other electronic goods for the home.

  • Extra Electrical points

People faces a lot of trouble when there are very less electrical points in the house, so it is advised to the owners to have extra electrical points. This certainly helps the home owners when all of a sudden a number of guests gather in their home.

  • Modular Furniture vs carpentry work

In today’s 21st century it is good to have modular kitchen as it enables ladies to manage everything nicely in their kitchen whereas the carpentry work is good only when skilled carpenter is hired for the wooden work to be done. Though it costs a bit more, but it gives very good finish to the kitchen.


Budget is ofcourse one of the prime concerns of the homeowner. It is known to everyone that owners want their home to get renovate at affordable prices. So, make a budget before taking the call of renovation. Make sure that your design and material can change costing drastically, so get reasonable quote for the same. Apart from this budget, get reasonable furniture that not only suits your home décor but also suits your budget. If you do not have complete plan of action, then it certainly become troublesome for the home owners to have control over Time & Money. So, make sure you have everything in your control and budget.

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