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Bunglow Project Interior Design

//Bunglow Project Interior Design

Bunglow Project Interior Design

In our day to day life, buying and selling of flats is quite common and their interior design is also very known to most of the interior designer, but when it comes to design a Bunglow then very few interior designer comes up to take the project as it comprises of lots of complexities. As the area of the bunglow is bigger than a flat or building that’s why it comes up with long term plan, which consists of entire summary that how to complete this project without any trouble. Here are some of the major steps that professionals focus on such as follows:

First Visit on site

It is really important to visit the bunglow which is ready for its interior designing. After visiting the bunglow the professional can finalize how the property can be decorated nicely.

On our first visit, the bungalow was under construction. The client has appointed an architect for main structural work and basic civil work too. To our knowledge, the plan was ready and on papers with the architect and client too. This was the main structural plan created on computer using AUTOCAD program. As you can see in the video, when we visited the site, brick work for internal walls was going on.

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