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Interior Design for 1 BHK Flat Gurgaon

/Interior Design for 1 BHK Flat Gurgaon
Interior Design for 1 BHK Flat Gurgaon 2018-06-13T12:01:48+00:00
1BHK Interior Renovation in Gurgaon
Interior Design for 1 BHK Flat GurgaonInterior Design for 1 BHK Flat GurgaonInterior Design for 1 BHK Flat Gurgaon

Designing an entire flat of 1 BHK is truly hectic and troublesome task to do, but when it comes to get it done through the professionals then it becomes easier for the owner as it is just about to have an eye on them.

Right from flooring, wall tiles, fixtures, windows, doors, painting and ceiling, everything comes into interior designing and it takes a lot of time to decorate it as per the new trend and concepts. It seems to people that less area reduces work of the interior designer but it is wrong, in small area it takes more time to decorate because designer utilizes diverse small space to decorate the 1BHK home and make it more useful. Apart from enhancing the look of one bedroom, hall, kitchen and washroom, there are some corners as well that is utilized by decorators in such a way that they can be used as storage.

Some of the factors that designers use to decorate 1BHK flat Gurgaon along with utilizing spare are as follows:

Walls: The decorators never uses dark shades to paint the walls as lighter shades reflects more space in the room whereas darker shade reflects occupying the space.

Curtains: The professionals uses vertical striped, light hued curtains to add height in the room. Apart from the curtains, there are some stylish tie-backs are used for rings and clutches to enhance the room décor.

Furniture: In today’s time when there are very stylish and less space occupying furniture are available then ditch the old, bulky and wrought iron furniture as they occupies more space. Be smart and make a good decision of using sofa’s having small storages, one can also use sofa cum-bed etc. to use the space.

Storage: The interior decorators use tricks and creative ideas to use the particular space. They always come up with intelligent solutions to bring great storage for example they use space between floor and ceiling.

  •    An attractive container or bamboo basket on the refrigerator to store knick knacks.
  •    Wall hooks or suction cups to hang your keys/belts/clothes/napkins.
  •    A document holder to put documents/magazines/newspapers.
  •    A foldable laundry bag.
  •    Cabinets below sinks in bathrooms
  •    Wall mounted television.

Accessories: Accessories can do a magical work in 1BHK house. Beautiful frames, mirrors, wind chimes, lamps, and painting are some of the elements that are being used by the professionals to enhance the décor.

Lighting: Professionals use good lampshades and lights to give a rich look to the house. So, it is always important to have a lamp or lights to get the desired look at home.

The interior designer aims to bring a beautiful house by using affordable accessories and utilizing empty spaces and leftover corners. The professional charges reasonable depending upon the package that the customer has taken from them, so get your home designed in a beautiful manner at cost-effective prices. On the other hand 1BHK home is always clutter free and organized, so get it designed now.

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