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Cost of Home Renovation in Rupees Per sq ft

//Cost of Home Renovation in Rupees Per sq ft

Cost of Home Renovation in Rupees Per sq ft

As it is a known fact that renovation is not everyone’s cup of tea so, it is important to hire the reputed renovators who not only guide you the best renovation as per the requirement and also suggest you what will be trendy and best for you at economical point of view. We all know that renovation cost sometimes become heavy on pockets. So, hire the experienced professional who can guide you best.

As some renovators or contractor quote the entire price depending upon per sq ft. as well as the way you decide to renovate the house.  So, get an idea at which price the renovation takes place.

Cost of the renovation also varies depending upon the material, design, scope of work, tiles, marble or granite etc. If per sqft is calculated then, one can take a rough idea by size 2′ by 2′ or meter by meter at 800 – 950 rupees per sq ft. Apart from the room and hall, kitchen and bathroom increases the average cost per square feet. As it comprises of a lot of functionalities to go on so the prices goes up high.

It has observed that an average price range that contractor offers to their customer depending upon various factors is Rs. 1300/- per sft (calculated on built up area). The cost of architectural design, structural design and lump sum rate is included in it. This cost also vary from city to city and state to state so, consult one and more contractor to cross check the latest rate in the market and then take the call to get its renovation done or not.

Likewise the cost of a non-metropolitan city is different and its rough estimate is mentioned as below. As we told that the cost of a small city home renovation will be very different from the metropolitan city so its estimate price range is around 450 to 500 rupees per sq feet. And when it comes to without bathroom and kitchen then it costs approx.. 200 to 250 rupees per sq feet.  So, get the best deal from the professional along with summing up the material and design. The renovator may cheat you so beware of the fraud and cross check it in market.

The renovation can’t become hectic if home owner have patience for the same, it truly requires patience.

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